Tyre Safety Tips For Spring
September 26, 2017

Spring is here, which means heavy rainfall and wet road conditions. Most road accidents occur during rainfall, and that it is why it is more important to check your tyres regularly during the hot seasons. As temperatures rise, heat causes your tyres rubber to expand which makes them more vulnerable to damage. Checking your tyre […]

Clean Your Engine for Spring
August 31, 2017

It’s time to get rid of some unnecessary clutter, spring clean the house and that includes spring-cleaning your Chrysler’s engine. To clean your car’s engine it’s not even necessary for a professional service to do the job, because anybody with a hose can do the job. A clean engine plays a vital role in the […]

The Chrysler Crossfire was introduced to the public in 2004, and was initially only available as a coupe. Even though production of the Chrysler Crossfire was short-lived, this phenomenal sports car left quite an impression on sports cars enthusiasts. At first glance of the Chrysler Crossfire, there’s no denying its distinctive and dramatic styling. With […]

At Bidvest McCarthy Chrysler, we offer cars, that of exceptional quality in both performance and technology. With our world-class dealerships, and our superlative team, we ensure that you have a positive and convenient experience at any of our dealerships. Anticipate great service, and friendly staff – ready to assist you and answer any questions. Here […]

Chrysler: The Legacy Continues
February 17, 2017

Bidvest McCarthy Chrysler, is home to the Chrysler 300C in South Africa. A car that defies conformity and embodies the essence of our brand. For over 7 decades, Chrysler has progressed, evolved, and manufactured timeless cars –revolutionising the automobile industry. The inception of Chrysler vehicles, all started with the vision to make cars, so revolutionary […]

Benefits of Car Service
January 31, 2017

Although servicing your vehicle is not a legal requirement, there are several reasons why it’s beneficial to service your Chrysler, serviced at regular intervals. At Bidvest McCarthy Chrysler, we offer different service plans, specially created to assist Chrysler owners, keep their vehicle in the best condition possible. Here’s a few of the many reasons why […]

The Oxford dictionary defines luxury as a state of great comfort and elegance, especially when involving expense. At Chrysler, luxury, and comfort, play an integral role and are core elements, when considering the design and engineering for each vehicle. Chryslers are designed to perform, and provide a smooth ride with lush comfort, and that’s why […]

Safety for Rainy Days
October 10, 2016

Driving through wet conditions requires motorists to be more alert, and one should always take extra precautions to prevent collisions and other avoidable situations. At Chrysler, we pride ourselves on producing cars that have preventative safety features and ensure that all of our cars go through thorough testing prior to entering a Bidvest McCarthy Chrysler […]

An overheating car can become a daunting experience, and when a vehicle overheats and the engine runs too hot, it can potentially damage your car and cause irreparable damage to your engine. Cars overheat most often in hot weather. Although it can be rare with modern cars like Chrysler’s new 300c or the new Chrysler […]

Drive Smart This Winter
June 9, 2016

With winter slowly beginning to make its chilly presence known across the southern hemisphere, what better time is there to get tips on how to remain safe on the less than ideal road conditions winter brings with it? Whether you’re travelling to work or about to embark on a road trip in your Chrysler, knowing […]