Chrysler: The Legacy Continues
February 17, 2017

Bidvest McCarthy Chrysler, is home to the Chrysler 300C in South Africa. A car that defies conformity and embodies the essence of our brand.

For over 7 decades, Chrysler has progressed, evolved, and manufactured timeless cars –revolutionising the automobile industry.

The inception of Chrysler vehicles, all started with the vision to make cars, so revolutionary in their mechanical betterment that it was destined to be a sensation. And the man who started it all, and manifested the vision into a reality was Walter P. Chrysler.

At Bidvest McCarthy Chrysler, we acknowledge that our history plays an integral part of our heritage. That is why, we thought to share some information on the founder of Chrysler.

Born 1875, Walter Percy Chrysler worked his way up from being general master mechanic to an executive. At age 35, Walter bought his first car. His fascination with the car compelled him to disassemble and assemble it back.

Before he learnt how to drive, Walter became the first president of one of the leading American car manufactures at the time.

Subsequently in 1925, Chrysler company was founded – when the Maxwell Motor Company was reorganised into the Chrysler Corporation.


The first car manufactured was the Chrysler 4 (also known as the Series 58). A 6-cylinder engine powered the car –with a top speed of 93 km/h, which was an impressive speed at the time. The Chrysler 4 attained great success, selling more than 32 000 units, in its first year of sales.


More than 70 years later. Our commitment to evolve as a brand, is evident in innovative when looking at groundbreaking cars like the 300C. And we plan to continue producing cars you can trust and rely on to deliver, always.