Drive Smart This Winter
June 9, 2016

With winter slowly beginning to make its chilly presence known across the southern hemisphere, what better time is there to get tips on how to remain safe on the less than ideal road conditions winter brings with it?

Whether you’re travelling to work or about to embark on a road trip in your Chrysler, knowing how to navigate the roads during the next few months is essential.

With features like all-wheel drive, ParkSense® Front & Rear Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Monitoring – safety is always guaranteed when you’re in a Chevrolet. However, a little extra preparation and precaution does not hurt.

Below, we list a few tips that can help make your winter Chrysler commute more comfortable and convenient.

Stay Up-To-Date on Road Conditions

Before you begin your winter drive, it’s always a good idea to check news and traffic updates. It helps you plan your drive accordingly and, should conditions change along the way (because winter does that sometimes), you can use Chrysler’s Uconnect® Navigations system to find alternative routes.

Be Prepared for Anything

It may sound pretty simple but, often, it’s the simple words that bear repeating. Being constantly alert to what is going on around you on the roads, and being prepared for any incident, will help you avoid most potentially dangerous situations. In winter, make sure to pack jumper cables, flashlights, blankets and even extra clothing, to ensure that you are ready for any situation.

Drive Smart

Always make sure your vehicle is in peak operating condition before embarking on your drive.

When you are on the road, always drive smart. Avoid the urge to check your texts, do not speed, keep a safe following distance, and always use caution when changing lanes.

The Most Important Safety Feature, Is You

You are the key to staying safe on the roads, this winter. Always remain alert, and drive according to the weather conditions. Avoid driving while you’re fatigued – getting the proper amount of rest before taking on winter weather tasks reduces driving risks.

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