Chrysler has a rich history, steeped in the production of stunning and iconic vehicles. These vehicles range from futuristic concept cars, to models that are made available to the public, but they all bear Chrysler’s recognisable devotion to creating novel, generation-inspiring ideas. Chrysler was founded in the 1920’s by Walter Chrysler. There is no doubt […]

When the Chrysler 300C was first introduced to the world in 2005, it was described as a car packed with the features and performance expected from a luxury sedan, at a price more attractive than its competitors, without compromising on quality. A new generation of the 300C has been introduced to the market. Dubbed The […]

The Evolution of the Chrysler Grand Voyager
February 16, 2016

Widely regarded as the grandest multi-purpose vehicle to have ever been produced, the Chrysler Grand Voyager has undergone several improvements over the last 30 years. A bit of nip here, and a tuck there, the Grand Voyager evolved from: three doors to four; a box-shaped body to new stunning contours, and many more design and […]

Chrysler the Man, Chrysler the Car
October 15, 2015

Walter Chrysler, known for his innovation in the motor industry, and business savvy ways, founded the brand that boasts luxury and safety in the 1920’s – the Chrysler brand. In 1912, Walter Chrysler started work as a production manager at the Motor Company – Buick. Chrysler increased daily production from 45 to 600 vehicles per […]