Safety for Rainy Days
October 10, 2016

Driving through wet conditions requires motorists to be more alert, and one should always take extra precautions to prevent collisions and other avoidable situations.

At Chrysler, we pride ourselves on producing cars that have preventative safety features and ensure that all of our cars go through thorough testing prior to entering a Bidvest McCarthy Chrysler dealership.

Spring and Summer showers may mean flowers… and in addition cause drivers to aquaplane, so, for a safer ride here’s some advice on how to keep safe when the roads are wet.

Avoid Cruise Control

Modern day cars like the latest Chrysler 300c, or Grand Voyager all come standard with the feature. Although Cruise Control works well in dry conditions, using it in wet conditions can result in a higher risk of losing control. So, because you are unable to regulate or reduce speed with the feature, it’s not advisable during rainy days.

Drive Slower, and leave room

Make sure you drive at reduced speeds, and leave a substantial following distance between you and other vehicles. In the wet weather it is more difficult to apply brakes and for your vehicle to respond as quickly. In addition, drivers should avoid slamming on the brakes and turning sharply.

Respond swiftly in the case of a skid.

Even the most advanced driver can experience skids. If you ever feel the car begin to skid, don’t panic, just follow these easy steps:

  • Continue to look and steer in the intended direction in which you want to drive.
  • Avoid applying intense pressure on the brakes, as this could result in a loss of control.

In summary, you have to be vigilant when driving in wet conditions. Slow down, avoid slamming on brakes, and allow ample distance between you and the cars in front you.

Chrysler South Africa, hopes these tips will assist you in preventing any hazardous situations, and help you respond appropriately if necessary.

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