Summer Driving Tips With Dodge
December 13, 2017

There are countless factors that contribute to road accidents in summer. Common causes include sudden tyre burst accidents, wet roads, and other vehicle equipment failures. With the change of season in mind, we’ve listed 5 driving tips that may help you drive safer this summer. Maintain your vehicle: Before embarking on a long trip in […]


The Dodge Company is responsible for manufacturing some of the world’s most powerful and iconic cars ever built. With more than a century of experience in the automotive industry, Dodge came along way before transitioning to become a world-leading automaker. Prior to producing cars, the Dodge brothers were involved in other business ventures that were […]

The Dodge Durango
July 31, 2017

Rain, hail, sleek or snow, the new Dodge Durango will handle any terrain, any obstacle without a flinch of fear or intimidation. Design: The Dodge Durango is an adrenaline-powered SUV crafted with a design unlike any other SUV on the roads today. Sported with 18-inch Satin Carbon aluminium wheels, a wide signature Dodge grille with […]

The Venomous Viper
June 13, 2017

The Dodge Viper has always been one of those cars known for being a bit, menacing. When we think about unruly power, and the quintessence of American muscle, Dodge Viper is a powerful contender for the prize. If you’ve ever been curious to why the Dodge Viper has always been celebrated for being such a […]

5 Dodge Winter Car Care Tips
April 28, 2017

Winter is approaching, and for many drivers it means facing some challenges with maintaining your vehicle throughout the cold season. To ensure that your Dodge is well looked after this coming winter. We’ve listed 5 tips that may help contribute towards the well being of vehicle. Lighting One of the most common disadvantages of winter […]

Wet Weather Driving Tips
March 24, 2017

Driving through wet conditions requires motorists to be more watchful, and have a vigilant mindset. Cars like the Dodge Journey, come well-quipped with safety features (like Electronic Stability Control, ESC), which offer enhanced safety to driver and vehicle occupants. Regardless of how safe Dodge cars are built, there’s always preventable techniques to best avoid motor accidents, […]

If you take a close look at cars like, the Dodge Viper or the Charger, it’s apparent that car racing is an inspiration to our brand. At Dodge South Africa, we thrive on challenges and on finding the best automotive solutions to better your driving experience. Dodge is a key part in NASCAR racing history, […]

The Dodge Coronet Timeline
December 6, 2016

The Dodge Coronet was introduced to the public as Dodge’s highest trim line vehicle, and by 1955, the Coronet evolved into the manufacturer’s lowest trim line. Over seven generations of production, the Coronet was discontinued and replaced by its successor, the Dodge Monaco. First Generation (1949-1952) The Coronet was first introduced as Dodge’s first post-war […]

The Best Road Trips with Dodge
October 25, 2016

South Africa offers picture-perfect routes for jumping into your Dodge car, and hitting the tarmac for a jovial road-trip. With amazing scenery, from snowy mountains to sandy beaches, beautiful African villages, and settler towns, there’s ample reason to drive your way through this phenomenal country. With the festive season around the corner, we thought we’d […]

Cost-saving Methods for your Car
September 19, 2016

There are many awesome benefits to owning your own set of wheels, better yet, a Dodge car. However great it can seem, there’s no debating that owning a car can be heavy on the pocket. Although you can’t avoid spending money on fuel, maintenance and services, Dodge South Africa, would like to offer you some […]